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New patients living with missing teeth will commonly arrive in our office with an obsolete denture appliance that does more harm than good to their oral structure. Our Irvine practice has the ability to reline and repair current denture, or design and place a new device altogether all in a single, convenient location. Dr. Lomboy is one of few dentists that continues to educate himself in this form of tooth restoration, primarily because he believes it is an effective way to stabilize teeth.

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There are several versions of dentures, and each play a specific role and will operate more efficiently than others due to various circumstances. Dr. Lomboy determines what would work best for the overall function and comfort of your oral structure. Some denture options offered at Woodbridge Dental Services are:

Traditional dentures restore a full arch of teeth with bottom and top appliances that are positioned every morning and removed at night. They are created in our trusted lab to resemble your natural smile, from gum color to the shape of your teeth.  

Partial-dentures have a plastic or acrylic base connected by metal framework designed to complete, rather than replace your set of teeth. Often these are built to be removable so the supportive gum tissue can rest while our patient’s sleep.

Implant-supported dentures are considered the most stable option by our practice. They can replace a complete set of teeth and avoid issues like slippage and bone loss. Implants are placed through coordinated efforts by Dr. Lomboy and a trusted specialist to restore a full, strong smile.  

Dr. Lomboy provides restorative services based on your needs as a patient including any phobias, budget concerns, and current oral health condition. Dentures represent a minimally invasive, ideal tooth-replacement option for many people to maintain their oral and overall health. Not addressing missing teeth may lead to more serious problems like a decrease in jawbone density and further tooth loss.   

If dental implant supported dentures are not determined to be a viable option, the quality prosthetics we offer can preserve the health of our smile considerably and allow you to enjoy the benefits of a functional set of teeth.

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Dentures help patients reclaim their ability to eat a wider variety of foods that they enjoy, and they can smile with the confidence of a full, attractive oral structure. Call Dr. Lomboy and his team today to schedule your appointment!  


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