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Woodbridge Dental provides services that are intended to protect your teeth and or restore them to a state of strength, youth, and aesthetic appeal. Our Irvine dentist, Dr. Lomboy, makes it his goal to help young patients prevent damage that can negatively impact their smiles later in life, and provides cosmetically appealing prosthetics to help adult patients enjoy more attractive smiles.

Prevention: The Best Path to Oral Health and Beautiful TeethIrvine Dentistry - Woodbridge Dental Services - General & Emergency

Many of our treatments are preventive in nature and help patients avoid common dental complications, like broken teeth, decay, and soft tissue infection. For young patients who are active in school sports, we offer protective occlusal guards, or sports mouth guards. For all patients, we ensure that they are given the information they need to take excellent care of their teeth between dental visits.

During routine preventive check-ups, we examine your smile for gum disease by evaluating pocket depth, check for potential decay, and go over your medical history to determine how overall health issues, like sleep apnea, may affect your smile. Dr. Lomboy also performs comprehensive exams for abnormalities of tissues that can include oral cancer, TMJ dysfunction, or other head and neck problems. In helping to preserve your oral health, our team evaluates teeth for signs of cavities or broken and decayed dental enamel under existing restorations, such as crowns.

Cosmetic vs. Aesthetic Dentistry

When providing treatment to enhance the aesthetic quality of patients’ smiles, Dr. Lomboy goes beyond standard cosmetic dentistry. Where many dentists may simply recommend a procedure designed to conceal flaws, such as the comprehensive application of dental veneers, our Irvine dentist focuses on bigger-picture treatment goals, delivering on both aesthetics and function. We don’t simply cover teeth with porcelain to make them look healthier, we check to make sure that your bite is balanced, that your teeth are well-aligned, and that your cosmetic restorations are applied in a way that allows them to last for as long as possible.

Advanced Restorations for Senior Patients

Irvine Dentistry - Woodbridge Dental ServicesDr. Lomboy is happy to serve mature adult patients with cosmetic restorations that help them look and feel younger; no one should have to live with unattractive dental prosthetics or damaged teeth. To help adults get the smiles of their dreams, we offer clear adult braces with Invisalign®, porcelain dental veneers, and can even swap out old metal-based dental work, such as crowns, for all-porcelain versions, which look more like natural teeth.

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For more information about our team and procedures, we encourage patients to browse our website. To schedule your consultation or next routine appointment, contact Dr. Jose Lomboy today.


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